Book of Ra

In Book of Ra by Novomatic you embark on the search for hidden treasures. While you’re playing Book of Ra online and explore the mysterious hieroglyphics at the Egyptian pyramids, many free spins with high profits waiting for you.

Online available at StarGames
Number of reels 5
Number of paylines 10
Bonus games Yes
Free play Yes
Play for money Yes
Deposit Bonus Yes
Jackpot No
Software Novomatic
Average payout 94,26%

Book of Ra – An Exciting Slot Machine Game

Playing games is always a fun activity to do especially if you have great games whether it is online game, PC game, or even mobile game which you could play anytime anywhere you want. And one of those exciting games you should try is Book of Ra. This would especially be really interesting for people who happen to like slot machine game. You do not have to have great skills to play this kind of game. All you need to have is the right applications and also the best of luck out of all things.

Book of Ra is available for Android applications on Google Play so you could definitely enjoy playing this exciting game from your tablet and even your phone which means you have no problem to play this game anywhere you want even if you do not have your tablet with you. On Google Play, this game is rated with four stars out of five. That definitely means that this game is worth your try. We are not trying to dismiss any other online game developers but everything that has some relation with Google could be ensured as something worth everyone’s while.

This game is called Book or Ra and obviously it has some kind of meaning behind the name. Ra itself is actually one of the most significant gods in Egypt. So because of the name alone, we could clearly see the heavy Egyptian storyline in the game. But even if you do not enjoy history (particularly Egypt) that much, you could still definitely try following what is offered by this game because slot machine game is the main theme and type of the game. With this you do not need to worry too much about the theme of the game.

A game for Ancient Egyptian Culture Fans

The Egyptian culture is one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. No wonder that there are so many interesting things that we can find from this exotic culture. Actually it is a kind of fun thing to learn more about the culture of the Ancient Egypt. You can get more information by reading books or browse the information from reliable websites about Egyptian culture via online. Another fun way to learn more about the Ancient Egypt culture is by playing games.

By playing the games that have Egyptian culture theme we can learn more about the culture as well as enjoy the games. Well, there are many games that have Egyptian theme that are fun to play and can make learn as least a little bit about the Egyptian culture and history. Giza: The Great Pyramid is a game that is released in 2012. The game’s plot is how to build the Great Pyramid Giza to please the Pharaoh. You will learn more about the structure of the Pyramid through the games. Ra: The Dice Game that is released in 2009 is a dice board game that uses the elements of Ra to create an interesting dice game. By playing the game you can learn more about Ra. If you are a fan of card games, the Gods along the Nile is a card game with Egyptian mythology theme that is interesting to play.

For you who are fond of slot games, now you can also find the slot games with Egyptian theme. The game is Book of Ra. The game is available to play via online for free. With the images and illustrations of Egyptian Gods, you can find the joy of playing slot and learn more about Egyptian culture. Play the game and explore the world of Egyptian myth and history to find the true treasure.

Book of Ra Screenshots

Novomatic slot Book of Ra - Screenshot 1 Novomatic slot Book of Ra - Screenshot 2 Novomatic slot Book of Ra - Screenshot 3

The New Book of Ra

With how sophisticated technology nowadays, you find that everything have been made into an online version, be it mail, news and even games. Now if you want to play slot games, you do not have to go to the closest local casinos anymore. You can simply play it at your home as long as you have computer with connection to internet. And the best part is you can still play to earn real money.

Book of Ra is just another slot game online. If the pictures in the slot machine nowadays differ, depending on the theme the maker wants. In the first version of slot machines, the pictures used to be horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts and a Liberty bell, while in Book of Ra, the pictures are everything about Ancient Egypt. This part of the game is being kept alive in Book of Ra. Even though there are some parts that are kept from the previous version, the developers chose to make some differences. One of them is that the players now can play for free without any registration. This is because the slots have new abilities, so the players are given time to get used to them before they can play for real to earn real money and other prizes.

Another addition to Book of Ra is the 10 new pay lines which will increase your chance of winning. Now it also has a bonus game in which you can test your luck. This game is easy to play so you do not need to worry yourself with having to think of strategy and other complications. Despite its easy gameplay, you can still have a lot of fun playing this game for it has colorful designs. Not to mention your chance of earning real money and winning many kinds of prizes.

With the theme of Ancient Egypt Book of Ra has adopted, playing this game will feel like you are going in an adventure in a time long past. You will have so much fun to unfold many secrets of ancient civilization, find mysteries and solve them and ultimately search for real treasures. It will feel like going on a treasure hunt, except you do not have to go anywhere or prepare anything. With a computer connected to the internet, you can play Book of Ra. The graphics of this game have been improved by the developers.