Sizzling Hot

Because of its many ways to win Sizzling Hot is one of the most popular slot machines from Novomatic. Even at two adjacent symbols you get the “double or nothing” bonus game where you can push up your winnings.

Online available at StarGames
Number of reels 5
Number of paylines 25
Bonus games Yes
Free play Yes
Play for money Yes
Deposit Bonus Yes
Jackpot No
Software Novomatic
Average payout 95.66%

Sizzling Hot is one of the favorite games of Novomatic fans.

The game creates a delicious and refreshing fruit salad and offers plenty of relaxation, because the rules of the slots are very simple. This is just the thing for lovers of classic slot machines. Although the game is very simple, the player must not give up power, for which the scatter and the risk feature provide.

On the reels delicious fruits such as grapes, cherries, melons, lemons, oranges and plums are shown. But the player should pay particular attention to the “Star”, because it is the most important symbol. As it wild substitutes all other symbols on the reels and complements a winning combination.

Why the slot is called “Sizzling Hot” becomes clear when the “Seven” appear 5 times on the reels, because then the symbols turned into a raging sea of ​​fire, which is very nice to look at, and you can also look forward to a great cash prize.

Another fantastic feature is the “Gamble Button”, where the player has the option to double his winnings.

Play Sizzling Hot online

Play Sizzling Hot slot online

Know The Tips To Play The Sizzling Hot Slot Game

If you are the person want to get the information to play the Sizzling Hot slot game then you are advised to follow the article. It can be played on five reels and it is possible to fix the bet over five lines which are present in the slot game. Stars are considered as the scatter symbol. You can able to get the victory when you are getting the five similar symbols on the row. If you are getting two or more similar symbols then you can able to win. By using the auto play button you can able to play the game without clicking any button in between each spin. If you want to disable the auto play button you can click.

Sizzling Hot slot online game gives more fun to the players when they are playing the game. It is very simple to play. By fixing the betting amount in the bottom of the display screen you can able to click the spin button. At the same time you can able to earn more money and fun simultaneously. With the simple interface of the sizzling hot online slot game you can able to play it easily. Through the gambling option you can able to double the winning amount. It is possible to change the bet amount at any time when you are playing the sizzling hot.

If you get the scatter symbol in the same row then you will be considered as a winner. It is possible to fix the bet in each and every pay lines in the Sizzling Hot slot machine. With the simple requirements you can able to play the online slot game. By registering in the site of the sizzling hot game you can able to play the game. Hence by following the contents you can easily play the Sizzling Hot slot game.

Make Your Leisure Time Enjoyable With Sizzling Hot

Slot games are the most popular games in the casino these days and many people are interested in playing slot games in the online. It is always considered as the best choice for the casino players in their free time as they are simple to understand and even has the chance of winning money. Sizzling Hot is one of the very prevalent online slot game among the slot players because the players can enjoy playing the game with splendid and impressive graphic facilities and with effective sound that receives the attention of most of the slot game players to have fun with this game. With an extraordinary array of fruits, this game is preferred by large number of players. It offers plenty of opportunity to get the quick bucks and receives the attention of hundreds of players.

This game is played with a total of five reels and the players can get an opportunity of playing on the five lines. The graphical and the sound effect of the game adds an extra credit to this slot from which the players can get a feel of old school feel like sitting in the arcade, vintage and inserting coins into the slot. It also possesses the sharpness and the presence of modern way of online slot game that features the attractive fruit symbols. While considering the bonus features of Sizzling Hot game it comes out with the scatter bonus. It also possesses the ability of doubling the amounts that is obtained from the risk maps. After succeeding in a round, the players will be asked to correct which can either be red or black similar to playing roulette. In case if the right color is selected by then the winning amount will be doubled. You can keep doubling your amount many times you like at least till you choose the right color. Make of the enchanting features of this game and have a fun time.

Play Effectively To Win Maximum Payout In Sizzling Hot

Sizzling Hot has got good reputations from the players has 5 reels and 5 pay lines. The graphics and sound effects of this game offer you an old school feel. The game features attractive fruit symbols with a traditional theme. There are several symbols in this sizzling slot game. Some fruits, number 7 and yellow color star symbols are considered to be major symbols as they would trigger out huge winnings. The scatter symbol of this game the yellow star and this symbol will provide you a bonus when three or more than three appears anywhere on the reel. Unfortunately there is no wild symbol which will be more helpful in bringing out the winning combination by replacing other symbols. So if winning combination has to be made, then 2 to 5 like symbols should appear on the screen.

After every winning you will be providing with an option to double your winnings through a gambling feature. This gambling button will be flashing on the screen if you make any winning in the game. If you click on this button it will take you to the screen of gambling game. You have to guess the color of the next card correctly to double your winnings and if you guess it wrongly you will be losing all your winnings and the screen will take you to the regular game. If you make a correct guess, you can also gamble it again and again until your guess goes wrongly or you can collect your winnings whenever you want.

How to Play Sizzling Hot? Here Are Some Points

The casinos games are said to have the better options for entertain you by playing in the home itself. The Sizzling Hot slot game is one of the interesting slot game that makes you to entertain as well earn money. Before starting with every game it is necessary to know the detailed information, how to play the game? The players who have played the games and the experts will give the review about the game. Kindly make a note of the game and it will be the better guidance for you to proceed with the play and also to win the game. As similar to the other slot games the sizzling games is also same. This game consists of the 5 pay lines and the 5 reels. As usual you need to place the same symbols on the reels. There are also many spinning options are available to boost your score.

Initially you need to bet the on the reels in the game. You need to have at least 0.25 dollars to bet the reels. Then you are allowed spin the reels in between you are allowed to have the bonus options. If you get the bonus point then you are allowed to have double spins hence it increases your probability of winning. After you win the game you are needed to select the color there are two different colors black and red. After winning you need to select either the black or the red. If you selected the right color then you’re winning amount is said to be doubled abut if you selected the wrong color then you lose the bonus amount got from the spinning. The jackpot amount fixed for the sizzling hot slot game is said to be one million dollar. There are many probabilities to win the game. Bet and play wise then you can able to win more amount!!

Sizzling Hot Screenshots

Novomatic slot Sizzling Hot - Screenshot 1 Novomatic slot Sizzling Hot - Screenshot 2 Novomatic slot Sizzling Hot - Screenshot 3