The rocking slot machine. KISS has Rocked their way through 40 years, an endless amount of records and they are now ready to boost your profits. The KISS online slot will make even the most picky player want to dust off that air guitar and Rock n Roll all night.

Prepare yourself to advertise loads of fire, wild winnings and Colossal Reels – a brand new slot game function featured for the very first time online. Other features include 100 bet lines, symbol transfer, scatters, wild nudges and of course the well-known and well painted faces of Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer!

Maybe this is the hottest slot machine in the world! Everything surrounding KISS is loud!

Number of reels 5
Number of paylines 100
Bonus games Yes
Free play Yes
Play for money Yes
Deposit Bonus Yes
Jackpot No
Software WMS Gaming
Average payout 95.94%

Play Kiss slot machine online

KISS Slot Game – Hottest Slot Machine for Online Gamblers

The KISS slot game is the hottest brand of slot machine available in the world. This slot game is derived from the 70′s rock band with the same name of KISS. This slot game is powered by WMS slot gaming. It’s one of the popular slot games among then casino lovers. The Kiss slot machine is loaded with hottest animation of the hottest girls that delight the online gamblers. The standard version comes with 5×4 layouts and the other slot game comes with 5×12 grids. The symbols on 5×12 grids are huge that covers the bunch position on the reels. This stunning slot game offers massive payouts for the players.

The Kiss slot is mind blowing game and it offers maximum turnover to the player. You can pick the both sets of reels based on your desire. This slot game is loaded with various symbols such as guitars, hot girls, Kiss hits and all types of music instrument to assist the band. The player needs to match the winning combination to get more cash rewards online. This slot game includes wild symbol, scatter symbol, free spins and bonus round to assist the players. The betting version of this slot game ensures massive cash rewards to the player.

The coin size varies from 0.01 to 5.00 dollars and it ensures maximum win of 250 coins per spin to the player matching the winning combination. The KISS slot game comes to Colossus Reels that assist player to win massive cash rewards online. The Kiss Band symbol acts as a wild symbol in this slot game. This symbol can be used as a substitute for any symbol to match the winning combination. The Kiss logo triggers the free spin round. Three or more kiss logo will trigger the free spins plus multiplier. The Kiss logo on Colossus reels offer 2Xto 20X and free spins to the players.

Screenshots KISS slot machine

WMS slot KISS - Screenshot 1 WMS slot KISS - Screenshot 2 WMS slot KISS - Screenshot 3

Get The Information To Play The Online Kiss Slot Game

Most of the people in the world are moving to the internet to know a number of information. It is considered as one of the most beneficial method for the people those who are all willing to play the slot games. Basically through the use of the online slot games it is possible to get more excited feel when you are playing the online slot games. If you are the person who is willing to know the information to play the KISS slot game then you are advised to following the below information. It is specially designed by the Williams interactive. The wild symbols of this slot game are mentioned by the 4 main members. It will act as a substitute for other symbols but it can’t able to act as an alternate for the feature symbols. The feature symbols are represented as KISS logo.

This type of feature symbol is only appearing on the reels one, three and five of the one set of reels. And one, three and five on the next colossal reel set. If you get three or more than 3 KISS symbols, then you can able to trigger the free spin feature. It is possible receive the eight free spins through the use of the feature icons. It is possible to play the slot game by making the bet on each pay lines. The betting amount will be varied based on the wish of the player. Through the use of some buttons on the slot machine will help you to make the bet on each pay line. Spin button which is present in the KISS slot game is used to start or play the game. And gamble button is used to make the gambling feature. Hence you can able to play the game simply by following the contents.

Information About The Symbols Of The Online Kiss Slot Game

Let’s get the information about the symbols which are present in the online Kiss slot machine. Generally each and every slot game is having wild symbols and etc. The Kiss band symbol is considered as the wild symbol. It will act as substitute for all symbols except the features. The feature symbol is represented as Kiss logo, it will act as a feature symbol and it cannot be replaced by the wild symbol. Kiss logo is considered as the scattered symbol which is used to get the winning combinations.

When you are getting three or more than three scatter symbols in the reels then you are considered as a player who receives the free spins. The Kiss logos will appear on both the main and colossus reels. If it is appear on the first, third and fifth reels then you can get the free spin. You can able to get eight free spins when you are getting the three kiss logos. At the same time if you are getting four logos then you can able to get twelve free spins with 5x multiplier. If the player get five kiss logo symbols on the reel then it is possible to get about twenty free spins with 20x multiplier.

Through the use of the free spin options it is you can able to grab a number of prizes. The user interface of the KISS slot machine is simple when it is compared with others. The coin sizes of the online KISS slot machine are starts from 0.01 to 5.00 and at the same time it is possible to win about maximum of two hundred fifty coins in one spin. Your winning amount of coins will be determined based on the betting amount. Hence you can know the information about the symbols of the KISS slot game.

Grant Through Some Simple Information About KISS Slot Machine Game

There are several slot machine games revolving into the online resource. The ultimate mode of planning with different gaming features have been represented to you’re with well proven brand of choice for the player. Hence the KISS slot machine game is one among the best reputing online game through which you can able to get proven with high benefiting surprise on placing each and every pictures of different categories. This game is fully implemented with music, pictures, animation, and so on. This game is a WMS featured slot game which explodes the free spinning features during the game play. This gives you with a best opportunity for the players to get their path in a wining mood. Hence placing the icons on the reels though each pay line is one of the vital parts in this game is about revolving several pictures of models falling into different categories that look apart with a proving knowledge which are demanded by the players. Then the developer has guided with lot more vision through this game review which states you with a definite number of choices.

This KISS slot game offers you with an emerging deposit bonus on your signing up procedure which gives you a free source of money for entering into these gaming features. The party gets started with the outlook representation that gives you and footage for different features in to the silver kiss slot machine game. This game has been electrifying through several programs like concert and footage that talked you into a different live zone. There are several benefit happened to be scored for this online game to be organized. Hence this short vision game is highly familiar with a fabulous root of winning option for the people. You can get cheered feel through playing this game makes a certain level of mark for your prize money.

Kiss Slot Game Symbols, Bonus Feature And Payout Details

The Kiss slot machine game is dedicated for hardcore gambling fans. This slot game is based on famous music band the KISS. This slot machine also tagged with the same name. The music band performed hundreds of hit parades. The KISS slot game is powered by WMS gaming. This slot game feature famous participates and leads from the music band. This slot game includes two reels. The main reel comes with standard 5×4 reels. The colossal reel set comes with 5×12 grids. This slot game loaded with wild symbols, scatter, free spins and bonus round to maximize the players winning combination.

The Kiss slot game is different from other slot machines, as it includes two sheets. It’s the first 100 lines slot machine released by Jackpot Party. This slot game offer massive payout to the players.

Wild symbol: The Kiss band symbol acts as wild symbol in this slot game. This symbol can be used as substitute for any symbol to match the winning combination, except feature symbol.

Feature symbol: The Kiss logo acts as feature symbol in this slot game, it triggers the free bonus round. When three or more scatter symbol appears on a screen, it triggers free spin and multiplier round. These scatter symbol appears on 1, 3 and 5 reels of main reels and Colossus reels.

The three scatter kiss logo offer 8 free spins and 2X multiplier.
The four scatter logo gives 12 free spins and 5X multiplier.
The five scatter logo award 20 free spins and 20X multiplier.

Kiss slot machine game is loaded with cool graphics and excellent animation. Start playing this game and win more cash rewards online.

Get The Hottest View Of Bonus Round Through KISS Slot Machine Game

The rocking band music represented with the word kiss which is organized as an slot machine game play that give an delightful surprise for the player. This is a hottest game through the name itself serves for you all around the world. This game is developed by the WMS who have set on fire through the minds of the online game playing lovers. This is a game which is represented through different varieties of girls that often delight the players to be highly engaged with the game. This KISS slot machine game is coming out with different layouts such as 5×4 and 5×12 grids with an hundred pay lines. This game offers several payouts for the players during the game play.

This game is now turning a lot behind the player face with lot more exciting surprise on picking up different reels that on their desired mode. This game is fully filled with several symbols that structures into different hot girls, music, and various kiss that rewards into several structured rewards through the online source. The betting option involves with different cash prizes applicable in awarding varieties of bonus features. The symbols involved are scatter, wild, and some features are bonus and free spin features that give them an immense offer with different player to get offering features of bonus prizes. The colossus reels involved into the KISS slot machine game that matches you with different offered combination of cash that will reward you with certain criteria. The scatter symbol is represented by the kiss band which acts as a substitute for all other symbol that lets you with a high combination factor giving you an opportunity to get trigger into free spin bonus round. This in further will tend you to the mark of huge jackpot bonus features of multiplier where your money value gets doubled. The assumed multiplier values are 2x to 20x accompanying with the free spinning round.

Get Through Desired Bonus Feature Offered By The Symbol In KISS Slot Machine Game

Apart from several bonus featuring online slot machine game there are some games which occupies without any kind of bonus features which executes with enormous option of gaming experience for the players. In such manner the KISS slot machine game is highly favorable on the above conditions expressed. This is an excellent gamming featured with exclusive gambling features that can treat the players playing on this desired game features. This game is expressed with high consumed beautiful pictures and kissing logos which is represented as the scatter symbol. This special game does not need any kind of downloading procedure as you need to open your account and fill in with needed notes then get started with the game. The girls are spread into different categories to impress the players to stick with this game. This is a best place for a better game play option for every online game players.

This is a game determined with less number of pay line for about 100 and 5 reel of game. The winnings are basically depending on the symbols representation on to the amount bet per each line. Also go through the rules which let you noted with the featured of winning huge prizes through high erotic pictures. The multiplier bonus is based on the placement made for every scatter symbol. Based on the total coins bet the winning combination get decided and so you need to look after the payoff chart to get more information. This KISS slot machine game is fairly determined about the featuring different kind if bonus features that boost your money value into any extent and so you need to go through the different symbol which regrets you with optimistic manner of case prizes as recommended. This is a game coming out with the best choice of welcome bonus for every player without any kind of download requirement.

Get Our Reward Through Different Winning Combination Through KISS Slot Machine

Gaining through different gambling features available in the slot machine game is one of the famous zone for the player to get motivated with it. So in that order the KISS slot machine game is highly capable of different features offering to the player such as free spinning rounds and jackpot round which can be enabled through betting the coin value. This is a game for the adult zone where the player will get expressive tone of music band and pictures of latest models that will uniquely represent their eyes into the game only. This is a game offered by WMS gamming source very favorable for the players leading with different music band. The standard reel payout included into this game are 5×4 grids. Then the next standard grid payout is by the colossal reel comes with a set of 5×12 grids.